Oracle showcase Front Porch Digital acquisition at NAB

Oracle will be fending off questions about the integration of assets from Front Porch Digital as it showcases its content storage management products for the first time at NAB since acquiring the media storage specialist last September.

Demos include those for Front Porch Digital DIVA content storage management and delivery, LYNX cloud as well as SAMMA migration products.

For media production workflows, Oracle’s ZFS Storage Appliance and Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System can support millions of digital files accessed by thousands of render farm servers in NAS and SAN environments. Both systems are designed to run multiple uncompressed editing sessions in parallel with extremes of system bandwidth for jitter-free playback.

Oracle Media Intelligence is a data analysis solution and Oracle Media Commerce blends compelling OTT content, VoD and second-screen content with transactional and subscription capabilities.

Oracle is at NAB Booth SU 2202.

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