Quantel And Snell Bring New Solutions To NAB 2015

Snell and Quantel to fill a combined NAB exhibit displaying the latest technical solutions for broadcasters and MVPDs.

Quantel and Snell will unveil a brand new exhibit at NAB 2015 in SL2009. Among many new products to be introduced in the exhibit are some in the integrated Channel-in-a-Box and monitoring categories.

The ICE Channel-in-a-box has been a popular product world-wide. ICE reduces QC expenses by making it easy through Snell’s unique content pre-validation technology. It automatically checks the integrity of source material as soon as it is available to make sure the incoming content is playable. If ICE discovers an error, it automatically quarantines suspicious files before they can go to air and alerts operators. New Channel-in-a-Box developments will be introduced at NAB.

Media aware monitoring can significantly lowers costs and improve the quality each channel’s output. It makes constant automated media aware monitoring a practical proposition that allows playout centers to verify that correct content is delivered across every channel at all times. Automated monitoring lets playout centers know that they are delivering the correct content across every channel with complete certainty.

Media Biometrics is another unique Snell technology with tools to automatically and reliably identify media streams. Media Biometrics creates signatures from media files which can be stored and compared to provide new intelligence about media.

Media Biometrics signatures are format, frame rate and aspect ratio independent so the intelligence they provide can be applied throughout a complete production and distribution pipeline. The signatures are small so they can easily be distributed as part of the signal or via a separate path. They are also produced quickly enabling accurate comparisons to be made in only a couple of seconds.

Signatures allow video and audio lip sync detection enabling fast automatic correction. They also provide logo detection, audio track mapping confirmation, quality assurance, content identification, and international distribution verification.

The first Media Biometrics enabled product was recently launched to provide fast and accurate audio video sync detection. Expect to see more Media Biometrics in the Quantel and Snell NAB 2015 stand at SL2009.

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