Content management tools for Amazon S3 from T3Media launched at NAB

Media management outfit T3Media is to unveil new products that work on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) at NAB. These new tools are an addition to T3Media’s Library Manager title management platform.

Harris Morris, CEO of T3Media, said: “We are at NAB to demonstrate how we have developed our title management platform to meet the needs of content owners as they continually seek to monetize their content. Consumers continue to access media on so many different platforms that it is imperative that content owners can be nimble in how they manage, review, approve, and deliver their content.”

In more detail T3 Media's Self Service Portal provides content owners with a toolset to distribute long form titles and episodic material to multiple recipients. Building on the T3Media’s Library Manager platform that allows organizations to deliver assets to their internal users, the self-serve portal is designed to manage delivery to external users or groups of users.

The portal's interface allows content owners to easily 'send' assets or asset packages to various recipients - and it allows the recipients to easily manage a queue of items to be downloaded or pushed to their storage systems. The backend services are designed to manage delivery details such as scheduling, package formatting, transfer credentials, QC, notifications and reporting. Other new features include a customer profile service enabling users to identify specific recipients and their format requirements in one place.

The portal can pull content from a content owner’s Amazon S3 bucket, or can assist in the provisioning of an account if one does not exist. Once ingested, titles are transcoded into the formats outlined in the customer profile service, which include both broadcast and OTT/VOD/EST. Other data requirements that are stored with the recipient’s profile can include metadata, versions, language, aspect ratio, delivery preference, and package requirements.

T3Media’s Review & Approve app provides a secure means to share, comment on, review, and approve video files on a digital platform, shortening the window between production and approval, and eliminating the need for hard copy transmission, such as DVDs.

Also built from Library Manager, content is uploaded, watermarked, and made available for review. The app provides multiple ways of searching, filtering, and organising feedback. Users can send media out for review and view responses directly in their existing browser application, providing a secure centralised location for discussion.

Find T3Media on the Amazon Web Services Booth at NAB SL9016

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