Archimedia debuts Iris Media Intelligence at NAB including 4K and cloud support

Media processing and workflow outfit Archimedia Technology is launching a range of products for file-based workflow at NAB. The tools includes those for quality control, review, and validation of media, timed text, or metadata file. The new Iris Media Intelligence products work with Archimedia’s new Iris Cloud Service for easier workgroup collaboration.

For investigation and validation, Archimedia Iris includes a professional media player with a captions viewer, test and measurement tools, format template matching, audio region-of-interest zoom, and more.

For collaboration, Iris features on-screen annotation and markup, shared notes, approvals and measurements, live chat, and project history for workgroups of any size. Iris' timeline-based platform will be the framework for more Archimedia file-based workflow products in the future.

Archimedia says that
Iris supports hundreds of video, audio, caption, and subtitle formats up to 4K 60p and is always frame-accurate.

Specifically the 
Iris Media Intelligence products include:

  • Iris Cloud Service — Allows Iris users worldwide to create groups instantly in order to interactively share notes, annotate, chat, and obtain approvals, all with frame-accurate documentation, measurements, and metadata. Can also be deployed behind firewalls for private clouds. Media files are always under the owner's secure control.
  • Iris 4K — For groups performing critical analysis, managing media projects, and/or viewing anywhere along the file-based workflow. Available in deskside tower or rack-mount configurations. Options include Fibre Channel, SDI up to Quad Link 4K, HDMI 2.0, up to 8 TB internal SSD storage, and LTO6.

  • Iris Extreme — Similar to Iris 4K, with more power and storage for demanding 4K 60p applications.

  • Iris 2K — Similar to Iris 4K, with CPU and disk bandwidth suitable for 2K digital cinema and HD media.

  • Iris HD — Similar to Iris 2K, optimised for broadcast media formats.

  • Iris Desktop — Iris software for office desktops. Works with any format that the host computer will support. Sold in packages of 10 licenses as perpetual licenses with the first three years of support included, or as SaaS for three years.

  • Iris Collaborator Free — Iris by invitation. This application gives anyone invited into an existing workgroup complete functionality to chat, collaborate, annotate, see, and approve all of the inviting workgroup's media intelligence, test measurements, validations, and media files, including masters.
  • Iris SE Software Edition — The complete Iris Media Intelligence Platform in a software-only version to suit existing PCs. Includes RS-422 Sony 9-pin control and software licensing for optional SDI output.

 Archimedia Technology is at NAB Booth SL11616

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