Facilis TerraBlock at Oslo Post

Norwegian post facility Oslo Post Company has installed a Facilis TerraBlock shared storage system for file organisation and project delivery.

The Scandinavian post house is tasked with delivering post production services for a large volume of films, commercials, reality television shows and documentaries. In order to get each project out the door in a timely fashion, the facility’s crew relies on an extensive arsenal of post production tools. Acting as a central pool from which employees can quickly save and share project files, the firm installed a Facilis 48TB TerraBlock.

Owner Theodor Kristensen said, “So many different editors and colorists are contributing to projects simultaneously, so it’s critical that we keep everything catalogued in one place where our team can instantly access it. That’s where TerraBlock comes in.”

The Oslo Post Company boats an eclectic mix of post production gear including six Avid Media Composer suites, Assimilate Scratch for colour grading, Autodesk Flame and Flame Assist bays, workstations with The Foundry's Nuke from and 3ds Max, and a Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve suite. All of these systems are connected to the TerraBlock via a combination of 1 and 10Gb Ethernet.

“We don’t like to limit ourselves creatively to one application,” Kristensen said. “TerraBlock plays really well with all of the industry standard tools from Avid through to Assimilate, so it’s an ideal tool for a dynamic environment like ours. We can create volumes on the fly without any wasted time; you simply add the volume, and it’s up and running right away. Having multi-user write capabilities has also allowed us to multi-task, because we can have team members working on VFX and colour correction simultaneously to get projects out the door on time.”

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