Brazil TV Station Broadcasts With VSN

Cançao Nova owns the largest VSN system in Brazil.

TV Cançao Nova is an important Catholic channel in Brazil and it broadcast simultaneously for four continents (America, Europe, Africa and Asia). Its headquarters, located in the city of Cachoeira Paulista (Sao Paulo), have five TV studios and three areas for events, one of them with capacity for around 100.000 visitors.

Cançao Nova owns a complete VSN End-to-End system that includes 10 ingest channels, an ISILON 32TB central storage, 24 FCP connected edition systems, 70 news writing clients with MOS NCRS, 12 Playout channels for 3 automated ETV, multi-channel traffic system, redundant automation for 5 OnAir Channels, deep archive with a 400 slot robotic library LTO6 and 4 drives, all redundant, in a configuration without any single point of failure.

The Cançao Nova project was born with the elaboration of a Request for Proposal, made by the channel´s technical manager, Danilo Gesualdo. VSN’s system was the chosen after multiple remote and in-house demos, technical discussions, and visits to installations in Portugal, United States and Italy to analyze in detail case studies of the final candidates for the proposal.

“We chose VSN because it was the only company that offered us a solution with a customized integration system that answered all our needs. VSN’s solutions are exactly what we were looking for”, declares Cançao Nova technical manager Gesualdo. Regarding VSN’s system, he adds that “it reduces the time we use for searching for the material during production, something that allows us to create more contents in less time. We have more quality and productivity. We also have quick and simultaneous access to all contents that are being captured and ingested in the system, and also to our historical archive”.

The system is based on five VSNAUTOREC CAPTURER+ server, for a total of 10 SD/HD channels for ingest, controlled by the VSNAUTOREC DIRECTOR automated system in redundant mode; VSNLIVECOM as a multichannel broadcast tool that allows to manage up to 8 independent playlists for system; in MCR, VSNMULTICOM manages the broadcast of 5 independent and redundant air channels that broadcast from 8 available channels; for programming and traffic a VSNCREA TV multi-channel management system has been installed and integrated with the automation; for the deep archive, VSNEXPLORER MAM has been deployed.

VSN (Video Stream Networks) will exhibit in booth SL8006 at NAB 2015.

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