Ross Video adds openTruck partners

Ross Video welcomes two new Canadian partners in openTruck concept

Ross Video recently teamed up with Rec[4]Box and La Shed Productions, from Montreal, Quebec as the two newest Ross openTruck partners. openTruck provides a standardized yet customizable blueprint for a new generation of cost-effective remote production vehicles, and offers partnerships with equipment manufacturers, system integrators, truck builders, mobile producers and freelance operators.

“The openTruck initiative has the same basic tenets consistent with the Rec[4] Box philosophy of building next-generation, cost-effective, remote production vehicles,” explains Rob Poretti, of Poretti Productions – the exclusive agent for Rec[4]Box in Canada. “Furthermore, this new model of providing efficient and high-performance technology in a lower-cost platform, is in harmony with the industry’s requirement of delivering sophisticated media streams with much lower expenditures – both from a capital standpoint as well as personnel costs. Our trailers are the embodiment of those tenets and we are proud to be an openTruck partner.”

Vehicles built using the openTruck design guarantee consistent, high quality media content for sports or any other type of live event. They ensure a predictable experience, and outstanding results.

“For the past two years, La Shed has been operating within the basic principles of openTruck. We provide the highest operational efficiencies, lightning-fast vehicle re-configuration and state-of-the-art production output, at a cost un-matched in our market,” explains Jonathan Fortin, CTO of Rec[4]Box and La Shed. “Over the past two years, vehicle refinements were made in order to accommodate client requirements, but coincidentally the changes occurred in parallel with the openTruck initiative. As a result, it was a simple decision to become a committed partner to the standardization efforts created by Ross.”

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