DataCore Joins Forces With Symply On Groundbreaking Media Archive Appliance

DataCore Software has teamed with Symply to release a new appliance-based product that streamlines media archiving.

The new SymplyPerifery is powered by DataCore’s next-generation object storage platform, Perifery, designed for appliances and edge devices. Integrated with powerful workflow and asset management tools, SymplyPerifery provides organizations in the media and entertainment industry with a highly scalable, flexible, and secure archive appliance that integrates seamlessly with workflows in production, postproduction, studios, sports, and in-house creative.

SymplyPerifery offers unmatched versatility for media asset preservation. Using the appliance, media companies can offload content from their primary online storage system (i.e., SAN or NAS) to a local archive for short- and long-term reuse and re-monetization. The cost-predictable solution enables content to be archived from shared cloud workflow environments, including Avid, StorNext, NAS, SAN, and more, offering endless scalability and flexibility.

The SymplyPerifery appliance utilizes DataCore Perifery software specifically designed for appliances and edge devices. This next-generation software ensures rapidly growing content archives are continuously protected and instantly accessible. The appliance is also fueled by several key software components, including axledit for fast, easy, real-time editing in the cloud; StorageDNA to simplify data protection and archiving from shared workflows; and Tiger Bridge to efficiently manage private and public cloud resources.

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