AJA Diskover Media Edition Gains LucidLink Support

LucidLink, AJA, and Telestream simplify workflows for media & entertainment companies to work from anywhere, in tandem.

LucidLink, a global leader in remote collaboration software for creative teams, announced with AJA Video Systems and Telestream the fastest way to access, organize and view data in one easy workflow. LucidLink Filespaces, an award-winning SaaS-based solution, provides rapid access to data through AJA Diskover Media Edition in conjunction with Telestream GLIM and the Vantage platform. LucidLink serves as a central hub uniting what is typically two disparate systems creating seamless workflows never before feasible for media professionals.

One workflow from three powerful solutions
The companies have come together to build a powerful solution for media professionals: LucidLink’s centralized data repository provides immediate data access combined with AJA Diskover Media Edition, which helps catalog and find the right file while customers use Telestream GLIM to review the data and Vantage for transcoding. The combination offers great speed; LucidLink allows remote workers all over the globe to share and access data with speeds that are normally only reserved for high-speed on-prem storage. AJA Diskover Media Edition on top of LucidLink allows organizations to very rapidly index extremely large file systems stored via LucidLink and gives users visibility to the data no matter where they are located, but without the security risks associated with full, potentially destructive access to the data.

Simply put, these combined technologies allow media professionals to access, organize and view data in one easy workflow.

LucidLink Filespaces: The future of cloud storage streaming for teams
LucidLink Filespaces provides an infinitely scalable, centralized repository of data in the cloud that can be immediately accessed from anywhere. LucidLink works on any major operating system. The client can install it on any server, laptop, or workstation and mount as a local volume. As a mount point on a server, LucidLink provides a standard directory structure and instant access to data for all these various services that have never been able to integrate seamlessly. LucidLink enables AJA’s Diskover and Telestreams GLIM and Vantage servers, located in different parts of the world, to easily access data and work in concert with each other.

Telestream GLIM helps creative professionals quickly preview high-quality media files with color accuracy via any web browser – without generating a proxy file. With direct access to and the ability to launch the player in AJA Diskover Media Edition, professionals can easily view and validate files located on-premises or in cloud storage as indexed by Diskover Media Edition as associated metadata. All files are shown with SCTE-35 markers, waveform view, and audio metering to ensure compliance standards on-the-fly, for any user, in any location.

Access to Telestream’s powerful Vantage platform via AJA Diskover Media Edition v2.0 gives remote workers access to centralized tools for generating proxy files or transcoding media assets for delivery. Users can now select files and send them to an on-premises or cloud-based Telestream Vantage system to create proxies or transcode the assets, regardless of user, file, or Vantage system location. Coupled with AJA Diskover Media Edition’s global index, the plug-in accelerates workflows by eliminating roundtripping between applications and streamlining files.

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