Glensound Showcase Practical Solutions For Broadcast, eSports And Live Events At IBC 2022

Glensound will showcase the latest developments in its practical, road-ready systems at IBC 2022. The additional functionality is in response to the continuing demand from users in eSports and live events as well as broadcast.

To meet the very demanding firewall challenges of audio in eSports, Glensound developed the GTM (Game, Team, Me), a networked device which ensures each player hears only his or her own game sound and communications with their team. Included in the multiple audio sources available to each player is de-embedded SDI audio: GTM allows game audio to be embedded into the SDI feed for forward distribution. 

Glensound was an early adopter of the Dante audio over ethernet standard, and its networked products consistently support the standard. At IBC the company will add full support for AES67 audio, which introduces functionality – like the ability to handle higher encoding rates than 48kHz – which cannot be supported by Dante.

AES67 is available in a plug-in hardware module, like the Dante networking. This also allows advanced applications: the Vittoria network bridge, for example, provides firewalled connection between two audio networks, and now one of those could be Dante, the other AES67, passing 32 channels of audio between them completely securely.

Also on display will be the Nomad portable live audio unit using standard cellular connectivity, including 4G. With an XLR input and a headphone jack, it provides an ideal solution for remote commentary or interviews with full talkback. 

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