Densitron Announces “Major Evolution” Of Intelligent Display System Platform With IDS Cloud Software

Densitron, an innovative Human Machine Interaction (HMI) and display technology provider, has announced a major evolution of the software powering its acclaimed Intelligent Display System (IDS) platform.

Acknowledging the continuing shift across broadcast and media towards hybrid and remote working, the IDS Cloud software engine allows the same studio environment to be controlled and managed instantly and seamlessly, to or from anywhere.

IDS Cloud heralds multiple new capabilities for mission-critical broadcast customers, its most important single benefit is its tremendous flexibility of deployment that encompasses public and private cloud operation, as well as existing on-premise functionality.

Previously, IDS had been restricted to on-premise installations, with inter-premise or multi-premise applications only made possible via VPN tunnels. With the new IDS Cloud, the core IDS server can be deployed and managed from anywhere securely, including on private cloud environments or public clouds, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services). It is also possible to achieve a hybrid operation that fuses traditional on-premise deployments with the cloud.

There is a new level of flexibility for IDS that makes it even easier to build your own workflows and manage your system effectively. Web-based management allows for simple browser-made operation, so there is no need to install software on each machine. Users can access the platform from any device, as well as Densitron’s custom-built HMI touchscreens, and it is now possible for system cores to be fully supported and upgraded remotely.

Without the requirement for a traditional server, IDS can now be utilised in more locations, making even the smallest deployments cost-effective. 

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