Vendor Spotlight: Brainstorm 3D

Founded in 1993, Brainstorm is based in Spain, with offices in Madrid and Valencia, where its Development Center is located. The company also maintains satellite offices in the U.S., Mexico, Singapore and China, and is represented by a global reseller/distributor network in more than 40 countries. spoke with Brainstorm’s Marketing and Communications Director Miguel Churruca.

Describe your key products and how they are used?

Brainstorm is a specialist company dedicated to the development of real-time 3D graphics, virtual sets, augmented reality and XR solutions for broadcast, film, drama, live events, corporate and other audio-visual markets. The core product of the company is eStudio, a sophisticated, open architecture and versatile solution, and the base upon which all other Brainstorm products run.

Other key products are:

  • InfinitySet, an advanced virtual set, AR and XR solution, which can cope with any virtual production requirement, from trackless virtual sets to advanced render per camera, tracked environments, including Unreal Engine and other sophisticated rendering techniques.
  • Aston, a motion graphics solution with a sophisticated feature set and advanced animation logic, capable of working as a standalone or collaborative solution.
  • Edison, an easy-to-use, affordable virtual set in a box, developed to create live presentations of any kind with total ease. Edison provides users with a comprehensive toolset and built-in assets (backgrounds, projects, slides, furniture…) to create any virtual presentation from scratch.
What markets do you sell your products to?

Brainstorm started selling its eStudio real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio engine in Japan, Europe and the U.S. in 1993 and since then it now has thousands of installations in place around the world. Brainstorm sells direct or via resellers in the Americas, Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

Clients producing augmented reality and motion graphics with Brainstorm products and solutions include many large broadcasters like CNBC, NHK, RTVE, TVN, Fox Sports, CCTV and RAI, along with smaller and regional television stations, production houses and events companies.

Miguel Churruca, Marketing and Communications Director at Brainstorm 3D.

Miguel Churruca, Marketing and Communications Director at Brainstorm 3D.

What did you exhibit at the recent NAB Show?

At NAB 2022 Brainstorm introduced Suite 5, the latest version of its flagship products eStudio, InfinitySet and Aston, along with Edison 5. The company demonstrated advanced XR workflows featuring a mixed environment with a corner videowall and chroma set working together and including in-context augmented reality and talent tele-transportation.

How has your part of the industry changed in the past year and how has Brainstorm evolved to meet that change?

Virtual production has been around for decades, but since the pandemic its rate of adoption has been radically accelerated. Lately, new trends such as XR are starting to take over and the company developed Suite 5 as the answer to these new trends.

This includes many new features designed to improve XR content creation and workflows, while adding an even tighter integration with Unreal Engine. These enhancements streamline the ability of our users to improve their virtual content creation, no matter if they use LED videowalls or chromakey (greenscreen) sets to produce any kind of virtual content. 

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