TVU Launches TVU Channel In The Cloud

California based TVU Networks, a provider of cloud and IP-based live video technology, has introduced a 24/7 channel package presented as free of infrastructure.

Called TVU Channel and initially developed for a leading broadcaster, the package allows scheduling of live and VOD programming from a simple web browser. 

The platform supports ad insertion, including scheduled breaks, manual breaks and full SCTE passthrough. “Channel enables you to launch and manage live, 24/7 content channels from your browser", said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “With a 24/7 fully ad insertable channel, all your content can be monitored and monetized. We even made sure TVU Channel provides an as-run log, which is crucial to advertisers.”

Direct support from CDN, social media and online video platforms (OVP) is available. TVU Channel also interfaces with BFX, Wide Orbit, and most third-party ad scheduling platforms.

Being cloud native, TVU Channel can be deployed relatively quickly without complicated configuration. The browser-based interface can be accessed through any laptop or smart device from anywhere in the world with internet access. It can serve as a backup Master Control in the event a physical studio cannot be accessed for any reason.

“This is the first in our product line designed for continual programming and not individual events, like live sports or live news coverage,” Shen added. “TVU Channel is ideal for any organization or individual looking to create their own channel or even back up their existing commercial channel. It isn’t just for TV. Radio stations, newspapers, magazines, churches, college and universities, amateur sports leagues, law enforcement and government agencies, and many other organizations could use TVU Channel to produce a specialized channel for their audience.”

TVU Channel is priced pay as you go, with no up-front capital expenditures and operating costs related to usage. 

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