Anywave Announces New Advanced Marble Transmitter Series

Anywave Communication Technologies announces a new, highly advanced and compact line of low and medium power TV transmitters – the Marble series.

The new products cover all TV broadcast frequencies – UHF, VHF band I, and VHF band III, and utilize the latest and most rugged and highest power density LDMOS power transistors – BLF989E for UHF. This device is the next generation beyond the previous BLF888E, which is no longer recommended for new designs by the manufacturer, and Anywave believes that it is among the first companies in the industry to incorporate the new 989E.

The Marble series has numerous advanced features, including:

  • Incredibly small size – entire 600 watt UHF transmitter in 3 rack units (5-1/4” high), 1200 watt UHF transmitter in 4 rack units (7” high). 2200 watt UHF transmitter is only 4.5 rack units (7-7/8”high).
  • All rack assemblies are 19” wide, so will fit in many standard cabinets. Optional cabinet is available from Anywave.
  • Controller with touchscreen GUI built into power amplifier – also available remotely via IP connection.
  • Highest efficiency – power amplifiers utilize asymmetrical Doherty technology at UHF and band III VHF. This minimizes power consumption, and provides cool operation. UHF amplifiers are broadband over the full US TV channel range (14-36).
  • Anywave’s industry-leading exciter, providing an elite level of signal quality and automatic precorrection performance.
  • All transmitters available for most worldwide digital TV standards, including ATSC 1.0, ATSC 3.0, DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, and DTMB.

David Neff, General Manager at Anywave commented, “These new Marble series products demonstrate Anywave’s strong engineering capabilities, and commitment to continued investment into broadcast transmitter technology. While other industry suppliers shrink and minimize investment, we continue to grow and develop new state of the art products that will benefit broadcasters. The new Marble series is a good example of that, with more important new products to be announced soon.”

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