G&D Presents KVM Kit At InfoComm

Under the motto “feels right”, Guntermann & Drunck will showcase a new remote access communication and control concept.

This includes VisionXS-IP-DP-UHR, a high-end system for DisplayPort UHR. Initially, the German manufacturer will provide extender modules for KVM-over-IP, followed by solutions for classic KVM systems for direct transmission. VisionXS devices can either be operated in pairs as an extender line, or they can be integrated into matrix installations.

“Since they are compatible with G&D’s IP KVM matrix systems, applications become highly flexible,” says Don Hosmer, VP Sales Americas & General Manager of G&D North America. “Planning KVM installations and expanding them at a later date couldn’t be easier since users will continue to have one hardware for everything. Like any other G&D product, the new devices are fully compatible with existing models. The extensive combinability of the KVM systems helps design solutions that are suitable for all applications.”

With the RemoteAccess-CPU, G&D is supporting cloud computing and virtualisation processes. The product makes it possible to integrate virtual machines into KVM installations. The new modules establish a connection between matrix systems and virtual machines, which can be accessed remotely via network protocols.

Says Hosmer, “The RemoteAccess-CPU gives users a convenient solution with high integrity. Users simply select the desired source from a standardised select menu (target list) on the on-screen display – regardless of whether the computer is available in the server room, via network protocol or in the cloud. With its integrated thin client functionality, the RemoteAccess-CPU offers users a highly integrative connection setup.”

He adds, “The pandemic currently shows us the importance of being able to access in-house systems remotely. How do team members remotely access a KVM system and the underlying on-site computing landscape from home? G&D‘s solution for this issue is called RemoteAccess-GATE.”

This stand-alone device links the KVM system to the network world, providing remote access to the IT infrastructure connected to the KVM system via LAN, WAN and the Internet. G&D's RemoteAccess-GATE supports working remotely from home offices and improves the collaboration within teams.

“RemoteAccess-GATE opens up completely new ways for operation from remote locations and also improves the ways of providing IT support and collaboration between employees.

Anyone unable to experience G&D’s systems live at the trade show can book a live remote presentation at G&D’s ControlCenter-Xperience (CCX). The CCX is a control room used to present new features and products live or remotely. 

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