TenTime Extends SVoD Service To Connected TVs With Accedo Elevate

TenTime, the pan Arabic pay TV service, has extended its SVoD offering to connected TV platforms with the help of Elevate, a video portability package from Sweden’s video technology developer Accedo.

TenTime is an interactive 360-entertainment VOD platform serving the MENA region, providing a range of productions from all around the Arab World that are not widely available on one single platform elsewhere. It boasts a diverse library of Arabic music, featuring Iraq’s top singers and now partnering with the region’s popular music platform “Anghami”.

With TenTime already offering an SVoD service to iOS and Android devices, the operator was keen to expand its reach to connected TVs cost-effectively. Available in Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, KSA, Kuwait, UAE, Algeria, Tunisia and a number of neighbouring countries, it can now be streamed on Samsung, LG, and Android-based Connected TVs.

Accedo Elevate is an app package including a library of core UI and service components comprising an application framework that can be adapted and customized. Accedo Elevate uses an established architecture designed for simple integration and extension as required, creating a starting point for the development process. It includes key pre-built features for connected TV platforms, such as an EPG grid and the ability to stream live content. As TenTime is for an Arabic audience, Accedo Elevate natively includes both Right to Left and Left to Right language support.

“With TenTime, we wanted to build a core platform for Arabic and localised content, something which is currently missing in this market,” said Walid Finan, CEO, TenTime. “We knew that it would be essential for us to have our service available across multiple Smart TVs, however, with each device having a different operating system and device requirements, this was a challenge. Accedo worked closely with our team and enabled us to navigate those complexities to launch in a very short time frame and on budget.”

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