Ferrofish RemoteFish App Supports Remote Operation Via Dante Connection

Ferrofish has announced its RemoteFish App, which supports all versions of its A32 and Pulse 16 audio converters, now supports remote-over-Dante, Catalina, Big Sur and M1 compatibility mode.

Together with the new V3.0 firmwares for Ferrofish’s A32 and Pulse 16 models, the free RemoteFish App supports remote operation via Dante, eliminating the need for MIDI or USB cable connection.

Additionally, Ferrofish has added support for Big Sur and Catalina on Intel and M1 machines.

“This new update will allow Dante users the ability to seamlessly and remotely control their Ferrofish device from any computer on the Dante network, adding to the long list of benefits Ferrofish provides audio engineers,” said Marie Sorenson, Marketing Manager for Synthax US, distributor of Ferrofish.

The RemoteFish software expands on the already impressive control of Ferrofish’s A32 and Pulse 16 series of converters by allowing a range of control directly from any PC or Mac. RemoteFish allows users to control every aspect of the Pulse 16 series of converters, including the I/O levels, routing as well as saving and recalling presets. Because presets are saved to the device, not a computer, it’s possible to configure the unit easily on a computer and recall it when needed again without RemoteFish.

Improving the ease of use, multiple units can also be used together from the within the same software window, with each unit easily identifiable via the serial number on the left-hand side of the user interface.

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