Dejero Paves The Way For ‘Pop-Up’ Network Connectivity With GateWay

Dejero and its UK partner P&C Communications are making reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity accessible to the vibrant UK film and TV production industry through Popup 4G. This rapid deploy, temporary, and robust cloud-based connectivity solution is supported by Dejero GateWay network aggregation.

By offering resilient internet connectivity, greater bandwidth, and extremely short turnaround times on-set, the service opens up a host of new options that were previously unavailable to studios and production companies.

“Bringing resilient connectivity to film productions via Dejero GateWay not only allows us to deliver connectivity advantages, but it really simplifies the process for producers who may only need to be on site or in studio for a few days or weeks and are seeking short term contracts,” said Paul Cochrane, director of P&C Communications. “There’s no need to invest in network installation or to sign long term contracts, we offer a two-day turnaround and save clients time and money over a very short space of time. We can offer absolute UK coverage meaning full diversity on all British networks, including Vodafone, O2, E and Three. Leveraging the combined bandwidth potential of multiple connections thanks to the GateWay allows our clients to achieve greater upload and download capacity. We also have a plan to expand this service across Europe.”

Moving gigabytes (or even terabytes) of video and data requires a fast and reliable internet connection. Dejero GateWay allows for real-time collaboration around the world, and for streamlining and accelerating post-production workflows through uninterrupted connectivity. It removes the vulnerability of relying on a single connection.

“Despite the disruption of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic linked to social distancing restrictions and lockdowns, the British Film Institute (BFI) reported very little drop in spend on film and high-end television production. With 300 productions, the combined total spend on film and high-end television production in the UK for the first half of 2021 was four times higher than the first half of 2020,” said Yvonne Monterroso, director of product management at Dejero. “In this steady market, studios and production companies are taking full advantage of new cloud-based technology to streamline operations and achieve efficiencies on set and in post-production. Dejero's GateWay is the key to meeting these needs by provisioning powerful and reliable connectivity from any location.”

The shift to the cloud means that fast, secure, and reliable connectivity on set is critical. Camberwell Studios, a London-based independent film studio facility, is among the UK facilities that has benefited from Popup 4G and GateWay. The company needed to install reliable internet on site to enable clients renting their studio to transport video at 120 Mbps and stream live, low latency 4K video over a variety of filming applications for a number of ongoing productions.

“One client was streaming four cameras to a remote location and needed more upstream bandwidth than we could guarantee, and a back-up in case of failure,” explained Andy Woodruff, managing director at Camberwell Studios. “By combining our broadband and six 4G SIM cards, operating over four different networks through the Dejero GateWay, we were able to provide 120 Mbps upload all day long. If one of the SIM cards failed, there were five others and the broadband to pick up the slack. It took away any stress of worrying about a failed connection.”

Budget constraints, scheduling conflicts, or travel restrictions mean that key personnel often can’t be physically present during production. And with the demand for more content pushing creative turnaround times to the limit, downtime in the studio is not an option. Designed with years of experience in providing critical connectivity across multiple industries, the Dejero GateWay network aggregation device delivers resilient internet connectivity for media production applications including video, data, and audio — boosting existing on-location infrastructure.

“Dejero GateWay is transforming the production world, bringing high-bandwidth reliable connectivity to studios and remote film locations.” concluded Monterroso. “This connectivity is the critical backbone to a cloud-based workflow transformation, allowing crews to stay connected to key creative decision makers and enabling the secure transfer of large files directly from set in real-time.”

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