Accurate.Video Validate Integrates With SDVI Rally Access

Codemill’s content verification application Accurate.Video Validate, now integrates directly with SDVI Rally Access for metadata-assisted content QC and compliance.

The paired solution enables operators to jump to points in media that have been identified by an automated QC engine as needing review and/or corrective action. It also ensures faster manual review by utilizing automated QC for the majority of video review and pointing operators at only those points in a file that need human review. As well as ensuring compliance and saving valuable time, it can be used to add markers for downstream operations, such as ad breaks and end credits.

Chris Brähler, Director of Product Management, SDVI, commented: “Codemill is a unique partner for us as Accurate.Video Validate constitutes a fully integrated component of Rally. Operators performing manual QC tasks spend a huge amount of time finding, reviewing, and processing content. This integration helps to dramatically accelerate edit and QC workflows.”

Rally Access exposes time-based metadata to enhance operator efficiency when reviewing, processing, and editing content for QC and compliance. It helps operators work smarter and faster by linking automated supply chain functions and the resulting metadata to the manual tasks that operators must handle.

Mattias Ahlström, Head of R&D, Codemill, added: “Media professionals are challenged with time-intensive QC workflows, a mismatch of infrastructure for the job, and very often the inability to predict cost or time to complete manual work. Rally Access puts time-based metadata tools directly within the viewing / editing application used by operators, maximizing their throughput without additional overhead, helping operators to just focus on the data related to the task at hand.”

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