Megacable Boosts TV Experience With Broadpeak CDN And Multicast Technology

Megacable, one of Mexico’s largest triple play providers, has optimized delivery of its Xview+ streaming service with the help of French provider of CDN and video streaming technology Broadpeak.

The Mexican cable company has been using Broadpeak’s CDN and nanoCDN multicast ABR to deliver live, VoD, time-shift TV and catch-up TV, as well as premium linear offerings for any device in the home.

“Our Xview+ service is growing, and to guarantee an exceptional streaming experience for viewers, we needed a robust, high-performance CDN solution,” said Gerardo Seifert, chief marketing officer at Megacable. “With multicast ABR, we no longer have to worry about unpredictable peaks in traffic impacting streaming quality, and we’ve successfully unified video delivery to any screen.”

Megacable has migrated from a hybrid IPTV and broadcast delivery model to a full OTT adaptive bitrate system, aiming to simplify video streaming. The Xview+ service, with more than 250 channels delivered exclusively in streaming formats, is available on Android TV set top boxes (STBs) that are mostly connected through WiFi and an app on mobile devices.

Broadpeak’s nanoCDN multicast ABR technology relies on a software agent installed inside both STBs and optical network terminals that reduce delivery costs and removes unicast traffic peaks in the network. NanoCDN sustains broadcast-like latency for live events and automatically retransmits lost packets to guarantee the highest possible QoE for subscribers, even when the STB is connected via WiFi.

Megacable is also using an analytics package from Broadpeak to gain insight into how subscribers experience the service and how the delivery system performs. For each streaming session, Broadpeak’s analytics solution oversees subscribers’ QoE, providing critical information such as the bitrates streamed.

Megacable has integrated Broadpeak’s CDN, nanoCDN and analytics solutions with third-party systems from Viaccess-Orca, Dotscreen, Technicolor and ZTE, among others.

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