TVU Networks Adds Subject Tracking To Camera App

TVU Networks, a Californian IP video technology developer, has added integrated support for Center Stage, a new iPad Pro feature that automates subject tracking, to its TVU Anywhere app.

This eliminates the need for a camera operator in some situations.

The integration of Center Stage frees the reporter or anchor using TVU Anywhere from the constraints of holding a fixed position, using AI algorithms to recognise subjects automatically and track them as they move. Then as additional subjects enter the shot, such as an interviewee, the camera will automatically zoom out to capture that and then zoom back in again once the interview is complete. Center Stage is fully integrated with TVU Anywhere via API, with no external controls needed.

TVU Anywhere is an app that turns smartphones or tablets into production cameras, exploiting the universal availability of these devices to provide ‘on-air in an instant’ convenience. It supports dual-camera operation, facial skin smoothing, remote pan-zoom and other settings that enable home, remote or field-based professionals to deliver content via their mobile devices.

“TVU is focused on empowering our customers to take advantage of all the increasing power of phones and tablets, using these commonly available tools to deliver the highest-grade solutions for everyone from large broadcasters to home content creators,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. He noted a huge increase in use of such technology during the Covid-19 pandemic. “TVU Anywhere usage soared by over 900% in 2020 and we expect continued growth beyond the pandemic.”

TVU Anywhere can deliver full HD transmissions from phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Using Inverse StatMux Plus (IS+) technology, it aggregates cellular with WiFi connections to provide reliable video transmissions. In addition to bidirectional IFB (Interruptible Foldback), TVU Anywhere supports dual camera technology for simultaneous broadcast from front and rear cameras with a picture-in-picture or split-screen option. It also offers a video return feed feature for confidence monitoring.

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