Nixer’s RL256 Monitor Provides Confidence Monitoring For Dante Applications

Nixer Pro Audio’s RL256 Monitor has been designed for operators working in critical events to provide cost effective confidence monitoring across multiple networks with high channel counts.

Nick Fletcher, CEO, Nixer Pro Audio commented “the RL256 is designed for Master Control Room environments where a single operator may be responsible for multiple feeds across multiple Dante networks. The RL256 Monitor provides the capability to monitor 256 channels across 4 separate network ports without any manual network patching or audio routing via external PC.”

The audio signals are presented to the user via the inbuilt full range speakers or via the 3.5mm headphone jack. The speakers are automatically muted when a headphone jack is inserted. Simultaneous outputs are also available in the form of the stereo balanced line outputs and AES output accessed via XLR connectors on the rear of the RL256 Monitor.

Nick added “although aimed at broadcast control operations we see the RL256 Monitor being widely used in live events and large fixed AV installations. The RL256 Monitor is operated and controlled via a large letterbox 16.7 cm diagonal LCD and capacitive touch screen display. The simple and elegant menu system has been designed with operators in mind to provide easy and intuitive navigation allowing the user to select and monitor the channels they want very quickly, ideal for critical live events. A mix mode also allows easy selection and monitoring of multiple sources into the main output chain.”

The high-resolution screen offers clear, comprehensive metering and status information to the user.

Firmware updates of the RL256 Monitor are achieved via a dedicated USB micro AB connector on the front panel.

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