Object Matrix Upgrades VOD Storage For BT

BT TV has upgraded its On-Premises object storage capacity with an additional 600 TB node supplied by Object Matrix, based in Cardiff in the UK country of Wales.

This has enabled BT TV to migrate content from 6 MatrixStore nodes being decommissioned to the single new node, boosting capacity while saving power and rack space.

The MatrixStore platform provides BT with secure storage for its video on demand (VOD) content, featuring guaranteed data authenticity and enabling further capacity to be added as needed. Since first deployment in 2010, BT TV has installed 61 MatrixStore nodes spanning 14 generations of hardware in the same production cluster.

MatrixStore allows content to be automatically staged to newer storage technology as and when legacy hardware is decommissioned. Nodes have been replaced over time, alongside hardware changes, to allow for higher storage capacity and more power efficiency. The migration of content from old and decommissioned nodes into fewer more efficient ones is an automatic process. This has resulted in very little unscheduled downtime throughout the duration of the partnership, according to Object Matrix.

The MatrixStore deployment for BT offers full metadata support, enabling flexible search and browse workflows using Vision, a web-based interface to view and share data.

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