Artel Enhances SMART Platform With Genlock Synch Function

Artel Video Systems introduces built-in genlock synchronization functionality for the SMART Media Delivery Platform used in the company’s DigiLink and InfinityLink systems.

Enabling a SMART JPEG-2000 decoder to accept a reference SDI sync input and align the video signals being decoded, this new feature supports frame synchronization of incoming video sources to a local timing source without the need for an external frame-sync device.

“We’re always working to increase operational and functional simplicity for our customers, and the addition of genlock synchronization to our SMART Media Delivery Platform is a great example of this commitment,” said Rafael Fonseca, VP of Product Management, Artel Video Systems. “When frame synchronization of signals is essential for further processing, this feature reduces both the cost and complexity of signal processing.”

The SMART platform is described as a four-channel, auto-sensing, 3G/HD/SD-SDI-over-IP, multifunction gateway that attaches to the IP network to facilitate fully transparent carriage of 3G/HD/SD-SDI and ASI, including audio and ancillary data, without the need for external network elements. The genlock synchronization feature is designed to make it easier to handle Quad 3G-SDI 4K video signals.

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