Magewell Celebrates Decade In Streaming And IP Workflow

Magewell, a vendor of video interfaces and IP workflow technology based in Nanjing, China, celebrated its tenth anniversary during May 2021.

The company has grown significantly from its roots as a custom hardware design firm for third-party software developers, to become established as a global provider of video capture, conversion, and streaming products for video production and AV professionals.

Magewell was primarily an engineering company during its first year, developing hardware modules on an OEM basis for vendors of lecture capture systems among others. However, the company soon branched out by creating its own product lines for end users spanning the professional AV and media production markets. The company also established a worldwide network of distributors, resellers, and systems integrators that have been crucial to the company's subsequent international success.

"We recognized the intrinsic role that streaming production would play in people's lives for more than just entertainment," said Nick Ma, CEO and CTO at Magewell. "We wanted to make it easy and accessible for more people – not just production professionals, but anyone using AV for communications – to create their own high-quality streams. Our goal was to provide tools that simplify the production process while making the industry's technology transitions affordable and practical for users.”

Magewell's first end-user products – the XI series of PCIe cards and first-generation USB Capture Box – laid the foundation for an extensive line of video capture solutions that now includes USB Capture Gen 2 and USB Capture Plus external capture devices; Pro Capture PCIe cards; and Eco Capture M.2 cards. The company expanded its portfolio into new product categories with the launch of the Ultra Stream series of live streaming appliances, followed by the Pro Convert family of NDI encoders and decoders for bridging traditional video and audio signals with IP media networks. Magewell also introduced software utilities to enhance the customer experience of its hardware offerings.

Magewell finally launched the new Ultra Encode family of universal live media encoders at the start of its tenth year.

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