Custom Consoles Outfit STV’s Studio 1 Production Control Gallery

STV chooses Custom Consoles Module-R desks and MediaWall for Studio 1 upgrade.

Custom Consoles announces the completion of Module-R studio control desks and MediaWalls for the Studio 1 production control gallery at the Pacific Quay headquarters of STV. The project includes front and rear production control, audio control and traffic-area control desks plus two MediaWall multiscreen monitor support frames.

"We have received many years of good service from Custom Consoles including prompt after-sales support whenever needed," comments Sam Dornan, STV Group's Channel Operations Manager. "Their Module-R range of technical furniture gives us the freedom to specify the features and dimensions we need from predefined modules and to make changes if required in the future. The resulting desks are strongly built, comfortable to work with and attractively styled. The same attention to detail is evident in MediaWall which is very robust while at the same time being easy to expand."

STV's Studio 1 production control gallery is equipped with a 13-bay in-line Module-R front desk configured for use by up to six operators. A vision switcher is integrated into the desk just left of centre and camera control panels are inset on the right. 20 RU of equipment storage is provided at desktop level in six pods. Additional fittings include a horizontal array of video display screens, each screen mounted on an Ergotron adjustable arm attached to the rear of the desk. Supplementing this desk is an 11-bay in-line rear desk designed for use by a team of four people. This is also fitted with Ergotron-mounted monitor screens and four 3 RU equipment pods.

The sound control installation comprises two desk units positioned alongside a 1.8 metre wide audio production console to form a 3.5 metre wide L-shaped structure. Maple-finished equipment storage pods with 17 RU of rack-mount capacity plus adjustable shelves are also incorporated.

A U-shaped Module-R variant, the traffic desk is intended for use by a single operator and comprises a four-bay structure bridging two wings. The bridge section is fitted with equipment storage pods to the rear of the desktop plus video displays on individual Ergotron arms.

The production control gallery MediaWall is a 6.3 metre wide three-span unit supporting 65 inch, 55 inch, 32 inch and 25 inch video display panels plus compact monitor loudspeakers. An additional MediaWall was chosen for the sound monitoring suite, equipped with one 65 inch display, two 25 inch displays and two loudspeakers.

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