Veset Supports AWS For Media & Entertainment Initiative

Veset’s cloud native linear channel management platform, coupled with AWS Media Services reduces the complexity of creating and managing 24/7 or pop-up linear channels. It is fast and easy for users to produce, process, and deliver those linear channels to multiple platforms.

AWS for Media & Entertainment is an initiative featuring services and solutions from AWS and AWS Partners. This includes Amazon Nimble Studio, a service that enables customers to set up creative studios in hours instead of weeks, to a portfolio of more purpose-built media and entertainment industry services than any other cloud, including AWS Elemental MediaPackage, and Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS).

The initiative is also intended to simplify the process of building, deploying, and reinventing industry workloads by aligning AWS and AWS Partner capabilities against five solution areas: Content Production; Media Supply Chain & Archive; Broadcast; Direct-to-Consumer & Streaming; and Data Science & Analytics.

Veset’s all-in-one cloud platform allows for the easy creation and scheduling of new linear channels in the cloud. Veset Stratus is an easy-to-use web app, which is aimed specifically at the customer starting their journey into linear TV. Veset Nimbus is an enterprise cloud playout solution for advanced channel management, predominantly for customers graduating from Veset Stratus or moving from on-premises or virtualised solutions.

Veset Stratus and Nimbus run on AWS, making it possible for users to quickly and easily scale as audiences grow. Both solutions are interoperable with a number of AWS Media Services. Both solutions working alongside AWS Elemental MediaLive, a broadcast-grade live video processing service, that lets users create high-quality video streams for delivery to multiple devices. With AWS Elemental MediaLive, users can easily set up streams for both live events and 24x7 channels with advanced broadcasting features, high availability, and pay-as-you-go pricing. Using AWS Elemental MediaConnect, a high-quality transport service for live video, means that content owners can securely and reliably transport live video to multiple platforms. Output feeds from Veset Stratus and Nimbus can also be distributed using Amazon CloudFront, a fast content delivery network (CDN) service to securely deliver videos directly to various vMVPD and OTT platforms.

“With our self-service SaaS platform we are on a mission to make creating linear channels in the cloud as quick and simple as possible. Combining our playout solutions with AWS Media Services means that our customers can reliably process those linear channels, deliver them to multiple platforms, and scale as required, all while delivering premium video quality to their viewers,” commented Igor Krol, CEO, Veset.

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