Chyron Releases PRIME Live Platform (PRIME V4.0) for Broadcast-Quality Production Anywhere

With the addition of PRIME Switcher, a new software-based 2-M/E switcher, V4.0 of Chyron’s renowned PRIME platform has evolved into a full-featured live production engine.

PRIME Live Platform is a dynamic, scalable, full-featured production engine that bridges legacy workflows with the future of live content creation and distribution. As Version 4 of Chyron’s acclaimed PRIME product family, the PRIME Live Platform boasts the industry-leading graphics, clips, and branding capabilities of earlier PRIME releases, as well as PRIME Switcher, a new software-based, 2-M/E switcher with a multichannel audio mixer.

“With a comprehensive, specialized software suite that enhances production values and simplifies workflows, Chyron PRIME has evolved into a uniquely robust and versatile platform,” said Ariel Garcia, CEO at Chyron “The newest addition to the platform, PRIME Switcher, is ideal for generating professional-grade output for smaller broadcast productions, OTT delivery, direct streaming to social platforms, or disaster recovery while minimizing cost, complexity, and reliance on fixed physical resources.”

Designed to meet the needs of today’s hybrid production environments, the PRIME Live Platform is environment-agnostic and deployable on off-the-shelf or custom hardware, on a virtualized machine, or entirely in the cloud. Easily handling a wide variety of inputs and outputs (SDI, IP, NDI, H264 streams) and formats (SD, HD, 4K, UHD, HDR), the switcher allows users to take virtually any source from anywhere and mix it into a live program, with remote control and monitoring capabilities providing continuous visibility into those video sources.

The PRIME Live Platform also features enhanced PRIME CG design and playout capabilities, including robust Adobe After Effects import. These capabilities, along with PRIME’s already rich toolset, allow designers to build natively or leverage assets from other applications. With these new CG features, PRIME brings even greater creative power and ease of use to Chyron's end-to-end workflows for graphics order and template management (via AXIS and CAMIO).

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