Cantemo Updates MAM Portal 5.0

Cantemo’s media asset management system, Cantemo Portal sports features which offer users greater control, detailed content insights and an improved user experience.

The latest version of Portal features an updated interface and new auditing capabilities, which offer more control over the data associated with content. These improvements are designed to provide users with the ability to manage their metadata more effectively and tailor search filters as needed.

Martin Fellbrink, CTO, Cantemo, commented: “Portal users need to access content for different reasons, so system functionality must cater to the individual. These updates offer more customization, with tailored search options that allow users to find items in a more intuitive way. It also provides granular asset information and metadata updates, which will help users maximize connections between content and save valuable time.”

Specifically, the software’s item relations page now has the option for users to run batch metadata updates, across multiple related assets. The Portal table view offers a new way to view asset search results. It features customizable search fields which enable users to present the most relevant data for them. Access rights are also easier to manage and understand, with extended filters which offer users a choice of permission type, user, and group search options.

Upgraded history page providing the ability to trace more records for an item. This feature allows users to filter an asset’s history, viewing all the individuals who have interacted with an item, as well as tracing any metadata updates. The audit wizard enables users to create and schedule new audits at set intervals. Scheduled audits can send notifications to both an associated email account and notifications in Portal, allowing users to download audits as a JSON, CSV or XML file.

Portal 5.0 offers a new Vidispine Archive Framework plugin, for extensive storage configuration from third-party archive vendors. To maximize customer’s content data, Portal also includes 22 new API endpoints for retrieving and manipulating Collections and Items.

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