Amino Builds Momentum Behind Android TV In North America

The Android TV platform is at last making headway in North America, according to Amino, a Cambridge, UK, based provider of video technology.

The company claims 14 operators have launched TV services on the Android TV Operator Tier (ATOT) since January 2020, using its portfolio of tools to assist with installation. These include AW Broadband, Conway, Hay Communications and Home Telecom.

Android TV enables operators to deliver video services that provide richer experiences and appeal to more diverse consumer audiences by integrating streaming apps with broadcast channels via an advanced UI. Pay TV operators benefit from Amino’s expertise by making sure the platform is integrated with operator-defined technologies and certified by Google.

Amino combines the AminoOS-powered Amigo 7X with Amino Engage to deliver and manage all the Android TV features operators might require. Amino helps operators launch quickly and allow their subscribers to benefit from the Google Play Store apps, including YouTube, while keeping the consumers within the operator branded ATOT environment. Channels and apps are accessed via HDMI-1, simplifying access and removing the need for further TV inputs, cords, or devices.

“A crucial element of our transition from legacy video to IPTV is to make sure that existing subscribers who may have little or no experience with streaming services are still able to adopt our new platform successfully,” says Jason Hansen, Chief Technology Officer at Conway, a local utility and cable TV company owned by the city of Conway, Arkansas. “The Amigo 7X gives us that capability by providing a refreshed Conway Corp branded UI, traditional grid guide and standard remote all while still providing an alluring product for those cable-never audiences. “

The Amino package that can assist Android TV Operator Tier includes three components. One is AminoOS, which is middleware that supports Android TV devices. Then there is Amigo 7X, an Android TV Operator Tier certified Ultra HD client TV device. Finally is Amino Engage, a SaaS (Software as a Service) package comprising tools for managing and supporting deployed Android TV devices and apps. 

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