Crystal Vision’s M-COCO-2 Works For Rondo Media OB

Welsh production company Rondo Media has selected Crystal Vision’s new M-COCO-2 IP/SDI color corrector and legalizer to increase the capability of its OB unit and expand the service Rondo can offer broadcasters.

The M-COCO-2’s dual channels allow Rondo to either derive two independently color corrected feeds from one source or to color correct and legalize separately. The device’s multi-format support means that Rondo can use it with SDI now and with IP in the future without changing anything.

Rondo Media productions include the Rownd a Rownd drama series which has been an established cornerstone of Welsh channel S4C’s schedule for more than 25 years. It has two studios and post production facilities located in Caernarfon and Cardiff.

Rondo Media's Head of Engineering Mike Jones commented: "Rondo's engineers have had extensive experience with Crystal Vision kit over the years and appreciate the reliability and functionality of the kit as well as the support, both pre and post sales, received from Crystal Vision."

In 2020 Rondo decided to further increase the capability of its OB unit. With broadcasters requiring content providers to ensure their video content is fully compliment with EBU R103, Rondo required a product for the OB unit which could be used primarily as a real-time legalizer but also serve as a color corrector when required. Seeking to use the latest technology, Rondo selected the M-COCO-2 software app which runs on the MARBLE-V1 media processor hardware.

Rondo is primarily using the appliance as a legalizer, with the app offering both RGB and Y/C clipping and a choice of four RGB clip modes (hard, medium, soft and desaturation) to ensure the broadcast color gamut remains legal. When required Rondo is additionally using the M-COCO-2’s color correction tools.

Rondo says it has found the M-COCO-2's dual channel functionality particularly useful as it allows the company to color correct and legalize separately or to derive two independently color corrected feeds from one source, such as for in-shot monitors working on different sets.

Although Rondo is currently using the M-COCO-2 in an SDI system, the company’s aim is to purchase kit which is as future-proof as possible. M-COCO-2 can work with IP (ST 2022 and ST 2110 video), with SDI or with both IP and SDI at the same time.

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