RTM’s PerlisFM Goes IP With Calrec Type R For Radio Consoles

RTM (Radio Television Malaysia) installs six Type R for Radio consoles to support major regional upgrade to IP infrastructure.

The upgrade, consisting of six Calrec Type R for Radio consoles, is part of a significant move to a modern studio and to implement a new IP audio network infrastructure. The facility is now the reference for all future upgrades to RTM’s other regional stations.

PerlisFM has installed a complete radio system, including a full IP network and visual radio technology, which supports video streaming to social media and other online platforms. Calrec’s native IP Type R for Radio consoles are located in PerlisFM’s main Conty, Standby Conty, Edit (1 & 2), Ingest, News Depot Studios and Master Control Room respectively. At the main Conty Studio, the Type R console is integrated with RCS Zetta Radio Automation Software and Visual Radio’s MultiCAM system. With three PTZ cameras linked to the MultiCAM system plus the combination of Calrec’s Type R and the RCS Zetta software, the visual radio system works seamlessly and flawlessly.

RTM has welcomed the ease of use of the Type R for Radio console. It highlights its motorised fader capabilities and touch screen panels which provide clear, single touch operation by the stations DJs — as well as the high level of customisation, alongside its native IP structure.

Robert Davidson, Regional Sales Manager, Calrec, said, “We are very excited that our technology has been installed as a key part of such an important and bold move. Type R for Radio was designed to support this type of project, so we’re pleased that its simple-to-use and highly configurable interface is helping DJs to do their job in a way that suits them.”

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