GB Labs Joins Wasabi Partner Network For Hot Cloud Storage

GB Labs, provider of storage products for media and entertainment, has joined the Wasabi partner network for accessing the latter’s Hot Cloud Storage, a model for storing data to which rapid and affordable access is required.

Wasabi claims to have disrupted the cloud storage model by significantly reducing costs and eliminating the egress charges that distort the offering for media users with their large file downloads. Wasabi offers a simpler route to effectively unlimited storage capacity, optimized for media applications generating huge amounts of data, and especially archive storage.

“Everyone is talking about cloud storage, but the typical cloud model does not match what media users need,” said Howard Twine, chief product officer at GB Labs. “Our industry needs to store a lot of large files, potentially for a long time, and it needs to be able to download those files when it needs to broadcast or repurpose content. The Wasabi cloud model plays straight into those requirements, making it the perfect fit for media.”

GB Labs identified Wasabi as an ideal partner for its Unify Hub appliance. This media management platform applies intelligence to combine on premise storage, from GB Labs and other vendors, with the cloud, providing a working environment with productivity tools in production, post production and continuing storage. Unify Hub presents all content as a single, secure and coherent source, while minimizing delays in moving material between the user and the cloud.

“Unify Hub and Wasabi make a perfect partnership, because our software brings intelligent management of storage, moving content between local stores and the cloud, taking capacity and speed of access into account, so you get to be as productive as possible,” said Twine.

The new partnership, already serving one US production company, means users can create their own Wasabi account online, and immediately integrate it into a Unify Hub network. Users without Unify Hub can still get the benefits of Wasabi cloud storage by linking it to GB Labs on-site storage hardware.

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