LWKS QScan 2021 Offers HDR Measurements For Media Compliance

LWKS Software has announced a major new version of its popular QScan automated quality control software. QScan 2021 introduces advanced High Dynamic Range (HDR) measurements for the first time into the media compliance process.

It also features a new, easier to use web-based GUI, and is being made available to professional content creators and occasional users alike via an innovative pay-as-you-go monthly payment model.

"We are pleased to announce QScan 2021, a new, more advanced, and feature-rich version of our AQC software,” said Daniel Roques, QScan Product Manager. “In particular, QScan is now set to satisfy our growing number of users who are delivering ultra-high-quality content. We are also making it more affordable for all users and easier to integrate into any video workflow.”

QScan’s new Advanced HDR Measurements software guarantees users a more sophisticated quality control process by providing access to a higher level of analytical detail from their output. For the first time, users can now easily measure underlying video levels in HDR content, compare different versions, and check IMF compliance or any user-defined analysis parameters, all within the simplified QScan interface. The new intuitive GUI has been redesigned with ease of use, clarity, and accessibility in mind. Technical and occasional users can access and move between QScan’s powerful toolset and third-party applications in a faster and more streamlined fashion.

QScan 2021 is also available via a new cost-effective pay-as-you-go pricing model which enables content creators to access leading-edge quality control features according to their project-by-project requirements.

"This is the second major software release from LWKS within four months of our formation which proves our commitment to our rapidly growing community of creatives and content publishers,” said Peter Lambert, CEO, LWKS Software. “Following a similar pricing model to our Lightworks NLE, QScan is now available for free for entry-level users, or via an attractively priced monthly, yearly, or outright purchase plan.” 

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