Veset Brings Webedia’s LeStream Gaming Channel To Twitch

Veset has worked with Webedia to bring its popular Twitch gaming channel, LeStream, to the cloud-based linear TV channel management platform, Veset Nimbus.

The development team at Veset implemented API-based integration with Twitch to enable Webedia to manage commercial ad breaks and the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).

Webedia is a global media and technology company, delivering a wide range of content, including movies, gaming and esports, and lifestyle entertainment. Webedia was looking for an easy-to-use SaaS linear TV channel management system to enable live event support for its Twitch LeStream channel.

The channel was moved to a fully cloud-based architecture on the Veset Nimbus platform within just a few weeks. With around 80% of the channel content live, Webedia is able to host multiple live events and easily switch between them on the channel as required. Scheduling is managed via Nimbus’s inbuilt scheduling module with an intuitive drag and drop functionality. Webedia can also apply last minute changes to the line-up as required.

Antoine Hermite, CTO, Webedia, commented: “Our LeStream gaming channel has been steadily growing in popularity. Twitch is a good platform for us to engage with gaming and esports fans, however we needed to be able to manage that channel better to improve our control of scheduling, as well as enabling us to better monetise it through ad breaks. The team at Veset was able to very quickly implement a cost-effective yet powerful solution for us.”

Igor Krol, CEO, Veset, added: “Twitch is quickly becoming the OTT platform of choice for alternative distribution of content. With LeStream, Webedia is fully tapping into its potential and building a popular niche channel with more than 900 thousand subscribers. By integrating Veset Nimbus seamlessly with Twitch, Webedia can better manage that, as well as accessing monetisation opportunities.”

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