Gorilla Group Upgrades To Sony BVM-HX310 4K HDR Master Monitor

Big Pic Media supplies Cardiff-based producer Gorilla with a Sony Trimaster BVM-HX310 LCD monitor for master colour grading reference.

"4K HDR has become the default standard for all digital film and high-value TV productions," comments Rhodri James, Director of Technology & Operations, Gorilla Group. "4K HDR is capable of capturing content in extremely realistic quality but needs very careful monitoring throughout the post production process to ensure its full potential is carried right through to the viewing audience.

“After evaluating the various high grade 4K HDR monitors currently on the market, we settled on the Sony BVM-HX310 for its picture quality, operational versatility, logical control features and flexible connectivity. We have signed up to Big Pic Media's post-sale support for our existing BVM-X300 monitor. That made good commercial sense as OLED panels have to be used carefully to avoid burn-in and are expensive to replace."

Also supplied by Big Pic Media, Portrait Displays' Calman colour calibration package allows Gorilla to check the detailed performance parameters of its monitor displays and ensure consistent image quality across its grading, mastering and edit suites. The system comprises Calman Ultimate software, a C6 HDR2000 colorimeter and VideoForge PRO pattern generator. The software provides a display calibration report to ensure conformity with streaming TV services such as Netflix, HBO, Sky and BBC Worldwide.

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