Custom Consoles Module-R Selected For JNE Productions Church TV Project

JNE Productions, an Indiana-based specialist in audio, video, lighting and stage systems design and integration, has chosen Custom Consoles furniture for a new church installation.

The project includes two 3 metre wide rectangular control-room desks based on the Module-R series. Both desks are constructed from high-grade birch ply with graphite-grey Marmoleum worktops, black PVC edging and grey side panels.

"Custom Consoles' experience in the broadcast market and wider control room furniture sector is very evident both from the attention to detail in its products and the company's wide user base," says JNE Productions' Technology Wrangler Travis Carpenter. "Module-R is a particularly attractive option as it allows us to specify exactly the operational and engineering features we are looking for. The resultant desks are ergonomically efficient, attractively styled and built to withstand the rigours of everyday use. Equipment access from front and rear is easy during initial installation and for routine maintenance, including clearly defined ducts for power and signal cables."

The front desk is a six-bay production control unit configured for use by a three-strong team comprising camera control at left, a production switcher in the middle, and a right-hand producer position. The camera control and production switcher positions each occupy two bays and are equipped with 3 U high desktop equipment pods for auxiliary devices such as intercoms, plus monitor display panels. Support is provided by four silver-anodised extruded aluminium legs on black-painted floors skids, each containing floor-to-desk ducts to accommodate fully concealed cables. The monitor displays are mounted on individually adjustable Ergotron arms anchored to the rear of the desk.

The rear desk is a graphics-support unit, again spanning six bays but configured with a 3 U equipment pod and Ergotron-mounted monitor display for up to three operators. Each desk includes a knee-height full-width equipment storage housing with removable front access ports at each bay and similarly easy access from the rear.

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