TV3’S GO3 OTT Service Accelerates With Anevia

TV3 Group, the leading media group in the Baltics, has commissioned a major extension to its GO3 OTT service capabilities to Anevia, a leading provider of OTT and IPTV software solutions.

“Our goal is to offer a broadcast-level OTT service combining low latency and high signal quality,” says Ausra Sidaraviciene, TV3 Group CTO. “Anevia has proved to be an efficient and effective partner in helping us achieve this for our subscribers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This latest investment gives us the full complement of facilities we need to meet very large-scale viewing peaks.”

GO3 uses Anevia technology for video delivery over mobile networks, including an elastic CDN serving multiple countries from a centralised management system. Based on Anevia’s NEA-DVR + EDS + NEA-CDN, the expanded system enables video delivery over mobile networks to optimise network costs and hardware infrastructure.

“For a media group that produces, monetises and delivers premium content, it is an understatement to say that operational excellence is of crucial importance,” adds Igor Stankovic, Anevia Sales Director. “By transitioning to pure OTT, TV3 not only demonstrates its leadership in the region; it also unquestionably slashes its legacy operational costs.”

The packaging, storage and CDN solutions provided by Anevia are fully integrated, thereby limiting the risks inherent in the fragmented and rapidly advancing OTT environment. Protected by main and redundant architecture configured across dual sites, it is a turnkey solution which will provide 99.97% service availability.

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