RTS Equip Vertically Expanding Broadcast Truck With Flexible Solution For COVID-19 Safety

​Washington, NY-based facilities and integration company, M&J Systems Technologies, has developed the first Vertically Expanding Broadcast Truck – ideal for use in COVID-19 restricted environments.

The 40 feet long, 640 square feet trailer provides remote work stations on two floors, with space for a show producer, director, replay associate director, graphics coordinator, show associate director and an EIC/audio operator. A two-person announcer booth is also included. All positions are a minimum of six feet apart and include Plexiglas partitions. Fully equipped, the vehicle weighs less than 20,000 lbs.

This unique mobile unit is truly a design for the times; in addition to accommodating onboard social distancing, its use of an RTS ODIN OMNEO digital intercom matrix also means there are no constraints when it comes to communications. Onsite staff and/or worldwide remotes are able to provide real-time communications through any of the onboard RTS KP series keypanels or two-wire partyline channels, and ODIN’s native RVON (RTS Voice Over Network) channels can provide low-latency links to any of the other thousands of RTS trunked intercom systems used by the majority of sports and news broadcasters.

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