Telestream Cloud Stream Monitor Adds Contribution Feed Monitoring And Ad Tracking

Telestream announce a new option and a new name for its live ABR monitoring service. The newly named Telestream Cloud Stream Monitor service now adds contribution feed monitoring and ad tracking to the system’s existing edge feed monitoring features.

With the addition of contribution feed monitoring, media companies and service providers can now benefit from end-to-end correlated monitoring at every point in the streaming delivery chain.

“Our customers have been increasingly leveraging cloud services to transcode, package and originate live streams,” said Ken Haren, Director of Product Management, Telestream. “By enabling support for popular contribution feed protocols such as SRT and Zixi, we can now provide our customers end-to-end visibility in the cloud, enabling real-time correlated analysis and video delivery metrics from cloud contribution through to CDN edge.”

Telestream Cloud Stream Monitor delivers previously unavailable insights into the health and performance of video services that are leveraging public cloud resources to route, transform and deliver video. The solution enables near instant spin up of essential monitoring infrastructure in almost any public cloud region, delivering real-time stream monitoring in over 70 global regions. With a single mouse click it’s now possible to provide end-to-end actionable intelligence, measure the health of mezzanine cloud contribution feeds, and identify impairments impacting audience engagement at the CDN edge.

The previous generation of the service was focused on monitoring the second half of the video pipeline – measuring ABR assets at the CDN edge. With Telestream Cloud Stream Monitor, the service adds monitoring of transport streams delivered into cloud processing centers via secure transport protocols like Zixi and SRT. Stream Monitor provides real-time measurement of critical metrics, immediately identifying network delivery challenges, encoding quality issues and audience impacting impairments.

“Another new highly anticipated capability is the DAI Dashboard,” comments Haren. “Users can now ensure compliance with ad insertion policy, measuring SCTE-35 markers and splice event messages from the mezzanine feed to ABR streams – even providing alert notifications when ad policy is not being properly enforced or propagating through the video service.”

Getting started with Telestream Cloud Stream Monitor is easy, with users configuring monitoring assets and benefiting from real-time insights within minutes. All that is needed is a Telestream Cloud account.

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