Crystal Vision Releases Profanity App You Can Swear By

The M-CLEANIT is Crystal Vision’s new profanity delay software which is designed to prevent the broadcast of unwanted or offensive video or audio material.

Equally suited to IP and SDI environments, the M-CLEANIT's flexibility allows it to be customized for any workflow. With control from a smart button box and separate reaction controls to event and restore, the product gives the operator time to react. It allows an IP or SDI live content stream to be delayed by up to 600 frames, which is 24 seconds in 1080i50, 20 seconds in 1080i59.94, 12 seconds in 720p50/1080p50 and ten seconds in 1080p59.94.

The app runs on the MARBLE-V1 media processor hardware, a card which features a powerful CPU/GPU processor and both SDI and 10GbE IP network interface connections and which is housed in the Vision frame.

“With its extensive video and audio cover options, the M-CLEANIT is ideal for preventing expletives, obscene gestures, wardrobe malfunctions, bloopers, competitor mentions, coughing fits and technical problems from making it to air,” says Crystal Vision. “All of the cleaning features are user configured and individually controlled – making it easy for operating procedures to be established for each production, tailored to the content. There are eight cover options to prevent unwanted video from being broadcast.

“The operator can clean switch to two different safe video sources or to an HTML-based cover image or animation. The web page can be stored on a web server (either connected to the same local network or located externally), or can be stored in the Vision 3 frame. The operator can choose to blur the program video, with a variable user-defined blur amount and a blur fade time of up to ten seconds, or can make the video black or blue or show color bars.

“Finally, it is possible to clean switch to the undelayed program, jumping ahead in time of the offensive content. There are two audio cover options: the main program audio feed can be muted – with individual channel selection and a fade time of up to ten seconds – or the operator can switch to a safe audio source. Video and audio cleaning features can be combined – for example, a video blur can be combined with an audio mute or with an audio switch, and a video switch can be combined with an audio switch.”

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