Limelight Lowers Latency With Latest Realtime Streaming

Limelight Networks, one of the early movers in video transport over CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), has cut latency with the latest version of its Realtime Streaming for time-sensitive video applications that enable live interaction with viewers.

This comes just after Limelight released its report, “The State of Online Video 2020”, finding that 64% of consumers would be more likely to stream an event if it were not delayed behind broadcast. In practice this means a maximum delay of about 8 seconds from camera to point of consumption. 

Realtime Streaming should enable new online video business models and change how audiences experience live events by giving video publishers the tools to incorporate data as part of the online viewing experience, according to Limelight. Additionally, Realtime Streaming mobile and HTML SDKs allow integration of interactive live applications with Limelight’s global private network, providing worldwide audience reach and scale for major online events. These include live sports, auctions, online gaming and music festivals.

Realtime Streaming also includes integrated content security and access control to protect valuable video assets.

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