​ioGates Teams With SoundFlow For Audio Collaboration

ioGates is integrating its Smart Link File Sharing solution with the SoundFlow collaboration workflow platform for Pro Tools, enabling sound designers to automate file sharing and speed up post production review and approval processes.

“The review process for sound design is often extensive and complex,” comments Christian Munk Scheuer, CEO, SoundFlow. “Comments can come from 10 different sources and span time zones and calendar months for any given project. Trying to share back and forth using solutions like WeTransfer, Dropbox or email is incredibly inefficient and fraught with mistakes. You want to streamline the process so that comments are traceable and in one place and that the content you are sending is properly packaged.

“SoundFlow and ioGates automate the packaging of your files, ensuring video and audio are in sync and transcoded for preview on any platform including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Your client receives correctly packaged previews with the ability to comment right to the timecode. This eliminates any misinterpretation on feedback saving an immense amount of time that can be put back into being creative.”

Serving as a hub for feedback, ioGates and SoundFlow give Pro Tools users the ability to select any portion of the timeline and share with individuals or teams. Shared as an ioGates Smart Link, files are indexed for tracking and encoded to play on any device. Recipients can add notes directly to the timecode, even if they do not have an ioGates account. Comments can be synced through the SoundFlow Notes app and placed as markers in the Pro Tools timeline with one click.

“ioGates in conjunction with SoundFlow coordinates access and tracks details. This removes the stress and frustration you normally get trying to review audio for video,” comments Jesper Anderson, CEO, ioGates. “It gives you more space to manage the creative process and confidence that you have the entire review and approval process, regardless of how extensive it is, under control and as effective as it can possibly be.”

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