​iSIZE And Intel Boost Streaming Video Performance

iSIZE Technologies says its BitSave precoding technology can achieve up to 5x speed performance increase for up to 25% bitrate savings using Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

That, says iSIZE, translates to a significant saving for video distribution at similar video quality, plus a strong economic argument for commercial deployment of enhanced end user experiences.

“With video streaming total cost of ownership dominated by the distribution costs for premium high resolution content, iSIZE customers, that include CSP and CoSPs can now realize even better cost savings using iSize BitSave technology on servers based on second generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors with the built-in AI acceleration of Intel DL Boost,” says CEO Sergio Grce.

“With the improved bitrate efficiency of BitSave, customers can significantly reduce the total cost of streaming. Alternatively, it enables customers to deliver higher quality content (e.g. 1080p vs 720p) at the same TCO. iSize BitSave precoding technology uses advanced Artificial Intelligence models and can be easily integrated into an existing workflow. It runs outside the encoder and can work with any commercial and open-source codecs, including AVC, HEVC, VP9 and AV1.

“iSIZE is able to bring significant bandwidth savings, and reduced energy needs to a variety of workloads such as VoD, live streaming, gaming and IoT. We are looking forward to continuing our strategic partnership with Intel and seeing our deep perceptual optimization grow to its fullest potential for customers.”

“Our work with iSIZE on software optimizations using Intel DL Boost shows how companies can take advantage of integrated AI advancements in Intel Xeon Scalable processors to reduce the computer power needed to run AI” said Nagesh Puppala, Sr. Director, Visual Infrastructure Division, Intel Data Platforms Group.

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