CCTV Coverage Of Shenzhen SEZ 40th Anniversary Powered By Media Links

China Media Group (CMG) selected the Media Links MD8000 platform to power the transmission of the Shenzhen 40th anniversary live event that brought together tens of millions of viewers via CMG’s China Central Television’s (CCTV) television station and its other platforms.

The Media Links MD8000 platform provided CMG and CCTV with the scalability and flexibility needed to deliver the content of the celebration to viewers around the country in an exceptionally reliable and robust way. The system that was installed supported the transport of both uncompressed and compressed HD-SDI video over an IP media-centric infrastructure with pristine quality and picture detail.

“We were looking for a reliable media over IP solution with minimal disruption to our services during the event,” comments Mr. Wang with the Master Control Department of CCTV. “We have a great commitment to audiences, with the intent to provide an excellent viewing experience. We trust in the Media Links solutions and professional services, and they helped us with a successful deployment of innovative technology solutions and on-site event support.”

“We were pleased to be able to support CCTV for this special live event as CCTV is a trusted partner and their continuous attention to being at the forefront of innovation is a great example of our relationship with them,” comments Toshiyuki Naka, Senior Vice President of Asia Sales.

The MD8000 Media over IP Transport solutions have been helping to drive the change in the industry’s transition to IP-based media workflows. Broadcasters around the world are seeing the benefits of the investment in an IP model for content transport and switching.

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