​SWR And Sony Develop Smart Production Solution

German public broadcast station, SWR, has teamed up with Sony to develop a custom production solution that will allow the station to deliver increased amounts of content across a variety of different multimedia platforms, at a reduced cost.

Sony worked with SWR to develop a new Touch Smart Controller to sit on top of its existing Sony Switcher mainframe. Together, Sony says this creates a Smart Production workflow.

The Smart Controller allows control of Sony PTZ remote cameras and the switcher via a web browser from any location. Built on top of existing technology, the Smart Controller revolutionizes the traditional production workflow and allows for content to be recorded via smart production and then repackaged for a variety of platforms using minimal resource.

Ralf Baron, Head of IT, Media and Production at SWR commented: “To ensure we are engaging and reaching the youth audience, for online radio programmes such as SWR’s DASDING, we need to produce more content more rapidly across more platforms than ever before.

We worked with Sony due to their unrivalled experience in production and due to their willingness to develop a dedicated and bespoke solution which will allow us to reach a wider youth audience, while also ensuring we are future proofing our business”.

The Smart Production set up contains future proof technology including Touch User Interface. In the future, Sony will be working on adding AI Tools such as face recognition, tracking or speech control to further streamline the production process.

“At Sony we work closely with our customers to understand their business needs and look for opportunities to address these with innovative solutions, comments Claus Pfeifer, Head of Connected Content Acquisition, Media Solutions, Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “Smart Production is a new and exciting concept that we developed in partnership with SWR. This solution will allow the broadcaster to fulfil the demand for content, at a reduced cost while allowing them to adapt, grow and future proof their business." 

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