​DoPchoice Delivers Custom Light Modifiers

DoPchoice is now delivering a new range of Snapbag light control tools, custom designed for the ARRI Orbiter LED fixture.

New Snapbag lightbanks for the Orbiter are presented by DoPchoice as a departure from regular rectangular soft boxes. Rather than complicated set-ups, Snapbags emerge from their compact pouch in a single piece. Thanks to the patent-pending Rabbit Rounder mount, the user simply snaps the arms into place and interfaces it with the Orbiter’s QLM mount. Rabbit Rounder allows easy Snapbag rotation for swift horizontal or vertical orientation.

Output is intensified thanks to a special metallic reflective fabric, and refined due to a second patent-pending advancement—the internal 3D Baffle. At the centre of the system, this sewn-in pyramid-shaped advantage enables medium and large Snapbag sidewalls to reflect the light outward, for an even spread without diminishing illumination. Users have the option of attaching the included TRP Magic Cloth front diffusion panel and for more directional output there’s the Snapgrid.

Snapbag lightbanks come in small (78 x 59 x 40cm/30.7 x 23.2 x 15.7 in), and medium (119 x 86 x 70cm/46.8 x 33.8 x 27.5 in).

To support the popularity of octagonal-shaped Snapbags, DoPchoice offers the Octa 4, measuring 4’/120cm x 4’/120cm x 2’1”/65cm deep, just for the Orbiter. This 4-foot diameter softener also provides the Rabbit Rounder easy set up advantage. “Exclusive fabrics, geometric shape, and the integral 3D Baffle, work together to enhance illumination and keep output smooth and pleasing.” Octas may be used open-face, with the included front diffusion panel, or for more directional control users can add a 40-degree Snapgrid.

To round out the offerings, DoPchoice, single-piece lantern-shaped Snapbag Domes come rolled in their own pouch, snap up fast and simply rotate onto the Orbiter mount. These lightweight softeners are offered in diameters of: Small, 30cm/12 inch, Medium, 50cm/19.7 inch and Large, 80cm/31.5 inch. To control spill, contoured black/white quadrant covers attach via hook ‘n loop.

Manufactured by DoPchoice and TRP Worldwide, these accessories for the Orbiter family are available through ARRI, or authorized dealers. 

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