Seven Wonders Goes Remote Training With Wirecast

​Telestream’s streaming solution Wirecast Studio is allowing Las Vegas-based training services company Seven Wonders to transform its in-person, instructor-led workshops into online training sessions.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Seven Wonders Founder and CEO William Cook travelled the world to share his expertise—in subjects like IT management, digital security, and team building. By virtualizing his training sessions on the Zoom meeting platform, Cook has taken proactive steps to ensure that his business not only survives but thrives in this new business landscape.

Cook uses Telestream’s Wirecast Studio, a broadcast-quality video streaming solution capable of interfacing with Zoom. Wirecast settings can be configured to deliver video directly to a Zoom client, which recognizes the incoming signal as a virtual camera source.

“With Wirecast Studio, I can create virtual camera views and chromakeyed composite shots, such as of me standing in front of my slides and pointing to them while I talk,” explained Cook. “By unifying multiple camera views with my presentation content, students can focus their attention on one area of their screens, resulting in less fatigue and a more engaging virtual learning experience.”

He adds, “Wirecast Studio provides a platform that makes my expertise readily available to my customers in real-time, without any of us having to spend time and money on travel. And, I can expand the number of training workshops I deliver each year and reach a broader audience, making my business more profitable. Wirecast Studio lets me preserve the interpersonal connection of in-person training while eliminating the landmines that can trip up a virtualized training experience.”

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