Fun Roads Media Remotely Monitors With Wirecast

Telestream’s Wirecast Studio streaming solution is allowing Fun Roads Media to remotely monitor over-the-air broadcasts by its network affiliates across North America.

The Agoura Hills, CA-based Fun Roads focusses on travel and vehicle-based programming. It has deals with multiple TV stations in such cities as LA, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas.

Telestream's Wirecast is typically used by organizations to originate live streaming productions but Fun Roads has found it to also be a means to decode multiple RTMP streams for confidence monitoring.

While program distribution handled by a broadcast playout services company in Fort Lauderdale there can still be occasional technical difficulties that occur. For instance, newly signed stations may experience “on-boarding” issues, such as hardware incompatibilities or trouble getting and processing the program feed from Florida. While the playout company works closely with the station to determine the cause and implement a solution, it’s also helpful for Fun Roads’ own engineer to see the problem for himself and weigh in with his own recommendations. This requires the ability to view the live RTMP (open source Real-Time Messaging Protocol) streams from the station on monitors in the master control at Fun Roads Media’s studio. This is particularly beneficial if Fun Roads’ employees are located remotely while on assignment, working from home or practicing COVID-19-related social distancing.

“Wirecast is not only cost-effective for us, it’s also a very portable and user-friendly way to remotely monitor the TV stations that carry our shows,” explained Fun Roads Media Founder Ashley Gracile. “Without it, there’d be no practical, affordable way for me to rest assured that we’re delivering on our value proposition to viewers, advertisers, and partners.

“Whenever our partners or advertisers call to tell us there’s a problem with our programming in their local market, it boosts their confidence in us when we can say we already know about it, and that our teams are already working to straighten it out,” said Gracile. “They feel even better if we call them first to let them know we’re seeing glitches. That’s what Wirecast Studio does for us. Wirecast Studio is a user-friendly, reliable, and cost-effective answer to our remote monitoring needs at this milestone in our company’s growth.” 

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