Anton Bauer Add Titon Mobile Battery Range

Anton Bauer (a Vitec Production Solutions brand) has expanded its range of batteries with the introduction of Titon SL, Titon Micro, Titon Base and GO 90.

The extended range adds to the firm’s solutions to include smaller and slimmer batteries ideal for monitors, follow focus and on-camera lighting as well as pure power batteries designed for high-performance cine lights and specialist cameras.

Chris Gaughan, Anton Bauer’s product manager at Vitec says, “We are announcing additions to our range that bring our premium mobile power to almost every aspect of your set with solutions designed for cameras that are both smaller and more powerful as well as monitors, on camera lighting, large panel lighting and much more. A new range of more than 50 accessories also ensures that our V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries are compatible with more devices than ever.

DIONIC 26V – Available in 99Wh or 250Wh and featuring the Gold Mount plus safety mount, the DIONIC 26V battery system is designed to power high-performance production equipment. A pure 26V battery with continuous 12A current, DIONIC 26V delivers over 300W of consistent power to run large LED panels for longer, producing hours of full intensity creative lighting or drive cine cameras.

DIONIC XT – Available in 99Wh or 156Wh and in V-Mount or Gold Mount options, DIONIC XT is for high-performance reliable 14.4V mobile power.

Cine VCLX – A 14.4V and 28V 630Wh NiMH battery that provides dual simultaneous outputs ideal for high performance cinematography equipment. With power output via two 4-pin XLR connectors for 14.4V and one 3-pin XLR connector for 28V, VCLX delivers all day power or backup for hot swapping camera power on set.

Titon – Available in 92Wh, 156Wh or 238Wh and in V-Mount or Gold Mount options for ENG crews, built to withstand the rigors of broadcast use.

Titon SL – Available in 95Wh or 143Wh and in V-Mount or Gold Mount options, the slimline profile makes it a choice for fast-paced content creators where agility is critical, and space is premium.

Titon Micro – Available in 47Wh, 94Wh or 140Wh and in V-Mount or Gold Mount options, this delivers a reliable continuous 10A current, (8A Titon Micro 45), to run cameras for hours. An optional dual micro battery mounting plate allows twice the power in half the size of a regular battery.

Titon Base – The 68Wh Titon Base is a portable power hub designed to deliver hours more runtime than the consumer batteries supplied with cameras in a lightweight, travel-friendly form. Base mounts under the camera to create a perfectly balanced base safely away from camera controls.

GO 90 – The 98Wh GO 90 is Anton Bauer’s lightweight V-Mount or Gold Mount 14.4V battery for pro photographers and videographers looking for a simple plug and play power solution.  

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